Friday, 22 May 2009

Evaluation Of video project

We had to make a music video for project 4 so we did it. We did lot of shots from different angles and then we chose best ones. After filming we had to edit it, but also we had to remake some shots because we hadn’t enough footage. When we finished we upload our video to blog, and that is all. I think this video was made very professional and I think that everyone will like it.

Video Compare

For my last project me and my friends Pete and Josh as a team we had to make a music video for existing music. We chose an ‘Omen by the Prodigy’ from their new album ‘Invaders must die’. We started project from storyline which we had to do at the beginning, also during that we tried to make the first shots of video and we had to choose angles of a camera. Then we downloaded a music which we used in this project.

We had some trouble with this video because we discovered at the end of filming that we haven’t got enough footage for the music so we had to re do the first 30 seconds of the video. The remakes come out even better than the original shots.

We had inspiration from other videos like:

I think this is the first single from the most popular album; it is completely filmed in black and white.

This one is from older videos which inspired us with fast pace.

And this is the official video of Omen

And the final cut of our music video. We put lot of effects which makes video more attractive.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Popularity of Music Magazines

Today we have a lot of magazines about music, if you will want to compare them, they will be different in many ways e.g. type of music, colour of front page or the style of fonts. My next project is to choose 6 music magazines and compare which is the most famous.
I entered on because that website show the overall sells of each magazine and that helps you to decide which one is the most popular. I only found 4 out of 6 magazines because can’t find information about ‘Source’ and ‘rolling Stone’.
Most of these magazines are about rock, but not all of them because one is about dance music. The ABC website shows that the most popular magazine is a ‘Q’, because it has most sells, but the most expensive one is the ‘MixMag’. Every magazine have different publisher e.g. ‘Q’ has ‘Bauer Consumer Media’, so that’s why they are different. One magazine could be more popular than the other because there can be more attracting font style, more attractive lure like free posters, or free CD with music, also there could be more expensive magazine than another one.

Artist's image

As my next project I have to describe the pictures of some music band. I chose single artist Akon and I want to describe his CD covers. On his cover you can see his naked chest; you can see that he attending on gym, because he has lot of muscles which you can easily see. He looks like he is praying, he is looking down and he has two hands put together so I think that he is praying. The background behind him is red with some orange things.

The letters on this CD cover shows his name, and also there is another word ‘Trouble’ and that is the name of the album. I think that this CD cover with these words means that he really have some troubles and he needs to pray to come out of this trouble ion one piece. Words are very important in media because they show feelings of an artist.

This CD cover connects with music which he making, because his music is very calm and in Hip-hop style. On this CD cover he looks like gangster who has to pray because another gangster wants to kill him.

MySpace Report

As my next task to do was to write a report about information you can find at MySpace about famous and non-famous music band. MySpace is a social networking websites with lot of users that make friendship network, lot of private profiles and also music and music bands which makes own profiles. The Headquarter of MySpace is in California and the owner of it is a Fox Interactive Media. MySpace run since August 2003 when where made up. MySpace contains over 106 million accounts on September 2006. MySpace offer personal profiles-where you can add your personal information, blogs-make your own blog, groups-add groups in which you are interested in, photos-make your albums with photos, music-watch, upload and comment, and videos for teenagers and adults

I entered on MySpace to see what the famous band which is Red Hot Chilli Peppers offer to their fans. I saw lot of video clips which you can watch, comment them and also you can upload your own videos. They offer lot of information like where they come from or they official web site. You can send them a message; add their band to your favourite’s bands and receive news from their profile. This website is good not only for Red Hot Chilli Peppers but also for other famous and infamous bands because it is for free, bands can stay in touch with fans, and also this website is very famous, especially for young people.

Also I entered on MySpace to look at less famous band than Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and I found the Vanilla Kick band. They offer the same things as ‘RHCP’ on MySpace, except videos which you can’t watch on Vanilla Kick website, also there is difference in the style backgrounds of website. They put the dates and places of each show which they will play in next few weeks, but the Red Hot Chilli Peppers didn’t do this.

Values of Advertising

Today lots of adverts are on streets, in the buses, at bus stops, in TV, radio or even in newspaper. Every advert exists because people who produce those adverts try to say something to us. Not everyone can decode this message, but most of us are pressured by adverts to buy something. If you are strong you can be resistant to these adverts and everyone can have chance to buy what he needs and stop buying things which are advertised.

Many adverts pressurise young men and women to be slim and beautiful. Sometimes that type of adverts try to say that to be beautiful you have to buy this make up but not another one, because this one is the best. Adverts for cosmetics companies like L’Oreal use the slogan ‘because you are worth it’ to encourage consumers to buy their products.

Also there are fast food adverts that say you should eat only fast food which isn’t very healthy and makes you fat, fast foods like McDonald’s or KFC have been criticised for their advertising campaigns that target young people. Their adverts promote toys that would appeal to young people. The toys in the advert are only available as part of a Happy Meal. McDonalds and Burger King also release meal deals to help with the marketing and promotion of new blockbuster films like Spiderman and Indiana Jones.

Lot of most popular brands like Nike or Pepsi use the biggest stars like Thierry Henry, Ronaldinho or Robert Carlos to promote and attract people to buy them. The companies want to be associated with these star football players because they are internationally known. They are young and very successful people who the audience admire. Famous footballers are used in lots of Nike TV adverts and billboard posters around the world.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

My music magazine project

This is my Magazine cover which I did for my media project. This magazine cover I made from am original picture I took at City College Norwich car park and where I used my friend to model. I cut out the person from this picture and then I pasted it into Photoshop CS3. Next I designed my uniqe Masthead and added to the magazine. I have learned that the masthead is an important part of any magazine. The masthead is like a logo for the magazine. Mastheads for music magazines like NME and Kerrang are very well known. Also I designed the place of main sells, and wrote the main sells with the same font style as masthead but smaller. I made a colour glove around letter to attract them. I download the different types of brushes from internet, at the site, because they are free, so I don't have to pay anything for them. I put some of these brushes onto my magazine cover, to make the cover look more attractive to the target audience. Also I added some lures to the front of the magazine. The lures that I included were free posters and a free CD from the band Painkillers. These lures would hopefully appeal to my target audience and encourage them to spend money on my magazine.

This magazine cover with hip-hop, rap style because of the person at the front who wear a hat with some graffiti at it, also it wear very wide trousers which also connect with hip-hop style. I add some Dollar Signs which makes him gangsta. At the background I stick some of the warning signs to emphasise the fact that my Hip Hop gangsta is dangerous. This ties in with the key concept of representation. I have chosen how to represent my Hip Hop artist. The style of clothes, the body posture and facial expression of my artist all give a representation of him. This will be understood by the target audience as they associate caps and graffiti with the Hip Hop genre.